Hypothalamic Control of Energy Balance

We are studying the role of MRAP2 in different neuronal populations. We have so far determined that MRAP2, through the regulation of a subset of GPCRs, can alter the activity of POMC, AGRP and MC4R neurons. We have developed new mouse models to carefully map and quantify MRAP2 expression in the brain. Future studies will clearly identify the role of MRAP2 in sensing hunger and tuning the hypothalamic response to energy needs.

Role of MRAP2 in the Endocrine Pancreas

MRAP2 is expressed in the endocrine pancreas. We are currently studying how MRAP2 impacts insulin secretion and the mechanisms involved.

Drug Discovery

We use state of the art technology to screen and identify small molecules that modulate the activity of key receptors involved in the control of energy and glucose homeostasis with the goal of identifying new treatments for obesity and diabetes.